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Open Fotos License (OFL)

Please be aware pictures portraying a person or part of might require a model-release and usually can not be used in a derogatory or violative manner. Brands and artworks displayed in pictures might be underly restricted use also. Be warned.

Open Fotos License (OFL)

Free for anything legal.
Personal use allowed.
Commercial use allowed.
On-line and off-line use allowed.
No attribution required (of course it is really appreciated).

It is allowed to modify and combine the images.


To keep this website growing, and honor the hard work required, it is not allowed use the images for:

  • a.) Providing a download collection or any other format or product which is a collection of images with the purpose of offering the users free or paid images.
  • It is not allowed to use the images in a competing website or software product. This means it is not allowed to publish or reproduce any picture of this site for the same or a closely related purpose as this website.

There is no warranty for the images what so ever. Where are not liable in any losses, damages or other costs caused by using the pictures. We do not deem fitness of the images for any purpose.

Any Restriction can be waived by written permission of the owner of the Open Fotos project.

This license might be changed or updated. In this case any work licensed under this license will automatically also be licensed under the newer license. Offering the licensee the choice to use any of both licenses.

If you are unsure if you can use the pictures or want a different license feel free to ask us.